How one car led to the creation of veloxar

The history of Veloxar

The Origin of Veloxar

A Letter from our founder sam

Have you ever jumped in someone’s car, a friend, family member or even an Uber, and seen their phone seamlessly connect with the car? 

And thought to yourself “damn I wish mine did that!”

I did. 

In fact, I thought it A LOT. I love my car, it’s my pride and joy. But I felt like I was really missing out by not having carplay or android connect. 

I had a bit of experience with electronics and so I started my hunt for a supplier who could build what I wanted. 

I spent thousands (and thousands) over 2 years finding the perfect product that would work with almost every car and have a seamless connection. 

When I finally cracked it, it was like all my Christmases had come at once. 

The funny thing is, I didn’t really intend on building such a big business. I really just wanted an entertainment unit that meant I didn’t have to sell my car 😅

1000s of shipped products and happy customers later, I can confidently say that we have one of the best aftermarket car connectivity systems out there and at a really good price. 

I can also say, that I’ve kept my dream car. 

Thanks for stopping by and keep reading for more info about Veloxar

Improve your experience

Get features usually reserved for newer cars

We don't all have the inclination (or the budget) to upgrade our car. Get the experience of a newer, or more feature heavy car with our aftermarket plug & play options.

Improved Safety

Stay Safer With Our Dashcam

This simple to install dashcam sticks directly above your rearview mirror out of sight. It plugs directly into our univerall dashcam and can be installed in 2 minutes. There is also an option to install a sd card for extra storage.

Make parking a breeze

Integrated Reversing camera

Our simple to install reversing camera integrates directly into our universal dashboard. It takes less then 10 minutes to install and will automatically turn on as soon as you go in reverse. With integrated lines and distance it makes reverse parking safer and simpler.

Universal Touchscreen
Car Dashboard

  • Android Auto

    Connect Android Auto to install all your favourite apps

  • Easy to Install

    The dashboard can be setup in under 5 minutes

  • Works on Every Car

    All your car needs is a USB or cigarette port for power.

  • Crystal Clear Audio

    Connect through FM or AUX for crystal clear audio through your cars speakers.

  • Apple Carplay

    Connect Apple Carplay to install all your favourite apps.

The Digital Display You Have Been Dreaming Of

Bring your old car to life with our simple to install car dashboard. It supports both Android and Apple phones. You simply plug it in and connect your phone.